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    GnSy WC3 Tool 3.04



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    default GnSy WC3 Tool 3.04

    Post by Inactive on Fri Dec 10, 2010 1:01 am

    GnSy WC3 Tool 3.04[/SIZE][/FONT]

    This program can make your dreams come true.
    Faster window switching while playing warcraft.
    Quick Messaging.
    Easy access to adjusting mouse speed (if you're in internet cafes and control panel is disabled, you can use this)


    ^right click the icon to see the menu
    ^double click the icon to run Warcraft3 or toggle the Warcraft3 window from maximized or restored state

    [Ctrl] + [Home] will also run Warcraft3 or toggle the window from maximized or restored state.

    Menu Items
    Play Warcraft III
    will run Warcraft 3

    Quick Message Settings

    Adjust Mouse Speed
    will open a little box with a slider for you to adjust the movement speed of your mouse

    Auto Maximize Warcraft 3
    a toggle button that will either maximize the warcraft 3 window automatically when checked or do nothing when unchecked. this is disabled by default.

    Enable Hotkey
    a toggle button which enables the built in inventory hotkey if checked and disables it when unchecked. this is enabled by default.

    Run on system startup
    the program will run on computer startup if this is checked. unchecked by default.


    some new fixes.
    added -r for random and -c for clear as a shortcut when typing

    AGAIN BUG FIXES. i'm screwing up a lot

    -another quick update. the file i uploaded was corrupted.
    -mouselock set to off by default.

    -quick update. found bug with mouselock. fixed.

    -rewrote the codes
    -added Quick Message Function.
    -removed update and run garena (WAS VERY BUGGY)
    -removed force exit warcraft3 (couldn't get this to work on all PCs no idea why gonna try again though)
    -added new feature the show taskbar feature. enables you to play in fullscreen with taskbar showing. (I used to play like this. I love it )

    -added update and run garena (beta, has bugs)
    -added force exit warcraft3 (also has bugs)

    -changed name to WC3 Tool from WC3 Window Mode since I added a couple of features
    -added adjust mouse speed option, (really good if you're playing on an internet shop that doesn't allow you to use the control panel)
    -added option to disable the left windows key.
    -ctrl+home now toggles warcraft3 window to maximized and restored mode

    I did not put a mouselock when it isn't in restored mode. so you can't rly play on restored mode unless you download a mouselocker.

    -rewrote the whole program from autoit to autohotkey. (i had to learn the language)
    -when you start the game you must manually make it fullscreen it won't automatically do it for you.
    -added hotkeys. not editable(for now?) alt q,w,a,s,z,x are numpads 7,8,4,5,1,2
    -doubleclick the icon and it will run warcraft for you, if warcraft is already running and you double click the icon, it will check if the warcraft window needs fixing to maximize it.
    -hotkey is enabled by default. disable it if you're using another hotkey, it stays disabled when you disable it so you don't have to keep disabling it when you run my program.

    - changed system tray menu
    - added run on startup option (i have no idea if this works on vista/windows7)
    - added option to relocate war3.exe in case the person has 2 warcraft folders
    - added a few shortcuts
    * toggle always on top for warcraft3
    * force quit warcraft3 (a prompt will pop up confirming if you really want to quit warcraft3, just in case the user accidentally uses this shortcut)
    - the system tray balloon pop up (shortcuts list)will now only occur once and will never pop up again unless on a different pc or the registry was somehow cleaned. You can recheck the shortcut list on the menu.
    - added feature to make sure the program may only have one instance.

    - merged both fix bugs options into 1 option
    - added a code that would make sure if the game is maximized.
    - fixed problem with hotkeys. it should work now

    - fixed cpu usage problem

    - now added some options to fix bugs.

    Download link :
    Hotfile  :[URL=][/URL]
    Virus Scan : Click !

    Credit :GnSy
    Source :Playdota

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    default Re: GnSy WC3 Tool 3.04

    Post by GG.Popsy on Tue Dec 14, 2010 1:53 am

    thanks bro


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    default Re: GnSy WC3 Tool 3.04

    Post by Inactive on Mon Dec 20, 2010 5:18 pm

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    default Re: GnSy WC3 Tool 3.04

    Post by thespectro on Wed Jan 12, 2011 1:09 am

    thnx (alt+1 "run forest run") xD!

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    default Re: GnSy WC3 Tool 3.04

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