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    Nevermore Guide

    X.N.D [Sandii]
    X.N.D [Sandii]
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    Killing Spree !

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    default Nevermore Guide

    Post by X.N.D [Sandii] on Sun Aug 08, 2010 11:10 am

    Made by Pendragon from .
    Credits go to this man .
    Add some credits to me cuz I reposted it here . Peace :)


    Nevermore Guide BTNShade
    I have decided to write a guide for the Nevermore, the Shadowfiend because he is one of my favorite heroes in DotA Allstars,
    and in my opinion, very hard to play. His primary nuke can be
    devastating, his Necromastery can destroy last hit depending heroes and
    his ultimate also can be devastating. Now that sounds a little bit to
    imbalanced, but it isnt. Shadowraze definitely requires some
    skill(although not as much as most think), Necromastery requires some
    serious last hit skills and his ultimate is only useful if timed
    correctly and if you are able to use it. His ultimate needs an item.
    Let it be Lothar’s Edge or Black King Bar.
    The Shadowfiend should be played as a carry hero, so farming and staying alive are very important for him.

    Skill Build

    Level 1. Necromastery
    Level 2 and 3. Shadowraze
    Level 4. Necromastery
    Level 5. Shadowraze
    Level 6. Necromastery
    Level 7. Shadowraze
    Level 8. Necromastery
    Level 9. Presence of the Dark Lord
    Level 10 and 11. Requiem of Souls
    Level 12 – 14. Presence of the Dark Lord
    Level 15. Stats
    Level 16. Requiem of Souls
    Level 17 – 25. Stats
    Additional notes

    Getting Necromastery at level 1 is a must, but you can switch the
    order of Necromastery and Shadowraze thereafter. It depends on your
    lane control. If you aren’t able to get any creeps, level Shadowraze as
    soon as possible. If you just have too few damage to do anything
    against your enemy, level Shadowraze. If your opponent isn’t in your
    lane quite a while (example: when you solo Beastmaster, he ganks a lot)
    level Necromastery.

    You can get Requiem of Souls at level 9, and Presence of the Dark Lord at 10, it doesn’t matter at all.

    This build is the cookie cutter build, the build that always should
    be used. Shadowraze is your primary weapon of achieving lane control,
    but don’t underestimate Necromastery. Requiem of Souls is a good
    ultimate, yet not so devastating as many think. At level 1, it sucks,
    it deals less damage then Shadowraze then so you’d better use that mana
    for Shadowraze.

    Item Build

    This actually is the main reason why i decided to write this guide. So
    many items work on the Shadowfiend. I think the best idea to get to a
    decent item build is thinking in steps, so let’s start:

    Step 1
    The very first step is buying 2 Circlets and 2 sets of Tango’s, that is for me the ideal start on the Nevermore.
    Nevermore Guide BTNCircletNevermore Guide BTNCircletNevermore Guide BTNAncientOfTheEarthNevermore Guide BTNAncientOfTheEarth
    Step 2
    Buy Bottle. For a hero who always should solo mid this will always
    remain the best item. It establishes your lane control. Get it AS SOON
    Nevermore Guide BTNBottle2
    Step 3
    Buy Boots of Speed.
    Nevermore Guide BTNBootsOfSpeed
    Step 4
    Lothar’s Edge or Black King Bar? In the previous version, you should
    always get Dagger. It owned. Nowadays, it has been nerfed, and Lothar’s
    has been buffed. However, Lothar’s provides little in teambattles, in
    my opinion. However, it also depends a lot on your line-up. Against an
    line-up with Beastmaster and Magnus, BkB has very little use, since
    both ultimates go trough BkB.
    Anyway, get one of these items as soon as possible, just after Boots of Speed.
    Nevermore Guide BTNLothars/Nevermore Guide BTNRodOfNecromancy
    Step 5
    In my opinion, staying alive is the MOST important factor for a
    carry hero. So in my opinion, Bracers are almost always preferable over
    Wraith Bands. But for 70% it is personal preference. So now use your 2
    Circlets that you have already bought to finish your Bracers/Wraith
    Bands. If you go for Treads, you only have 2 slots left (Power Treads,
    TP-scroll, Bottle, BkB/Lothar’s), so you should buy 2 of them. With
    Boots of travel, you have 3 slots left, so get 3 of them.
    Nevermore Guide BobNevermore Guide Bob/Nevermore Guide BobNevermore Guide BobNevermore Guide Bob
    Step 6
    Boots of Travel or Power Treads? In this version, my opinion goes
    for Power Treads. Boots of Travel is more farm orientated. It mostly
    depends on the current game. Are we losing, need i to get powerful
    fast? Get Power Treads. Do we have 4 (early game) ganks heroes, do i
    need to be the powerful one later? Get Boots of Travel. Again, my
    opinion goes for Power Treads, but for a more farm orientated game, go
    for Boots of Travel. If you go Power Treads, you should get or a AGI
    Treads, or STR Treads. My vote again goes for STR Treads. REMEMBER:
    When going for Power Treads, ALWAYS CARRY A TP-SCROLL, I REPEAT, ALWAYS
    CARRY A TP-SCROLL. With that being said, remember that Power Treads
    takes two slots(Treads + Scroll(s)). Anyways, extremely late game,
    always get Boots of Travel. It saves you a slot +it makes you able to
    teleport anywhere on the map where a creep is, that ability is
    Nevermore Guide BTNWirtsLegGreenNevermore Guide BTNScrollUber/Nevermore Guide BTNAbility_Rogue_Sprint
    Step 7
    So you have finished what i call the core build, so what now? In the
    earlier versions, Skadi was the shit. In the newer versions, Skadi is
    just too slow. Skadi is an EXCELLENT item on Nevermore,
    don’t get me wrong, but i think it is too slow. Yet if you are farming
    extremely well, and if you got Boots of Travel, Skadi still is an
    excellent choice. Anyways, i think it is too slow so you’d better move
    on to other items. In my opinion, the very two best items after the
    core build are Stygian Desolator and Helm of the Dominator. As you
    notice, they both are Orbs, so you cannot get them both. They both are
    cheap (the other even MUCH cheaper), and they both give you mid game
    bonuses. Stygian isn’t one of the best very late game items, so you
    should buy it before the 40 min mark. Stygian is also a lot more
    expensive. So you should get Stygian if you are farming decently well
    mid game, and you need some quick assistance to your team (if your team
    does (really) fine, get Skadi) get Stygian. However, if your team does
    need quick(er) assistance, and you aren’t farming that well get Helm of
    the Dominator. Other items like Mjollnir and Butterfly own, but they
    take TOO long to farm and don’t give any survivability unlike Skadi.
    (My opinion goes for Stygian)
    An other advantage of Helm of the Dominator is that it can be
    upgraded to Satanic, which is one of the power items very late game.
    On a further note, Skadi leaves the path open for other orb effects like Lightning, unlike Stygian and HotD.
    You won’t have enough item slots, you should sell a Bracer/Band or Bottle by now. I would go for selling Bottle.
    Nevermore Guide BTNIceShard/Nevermore Guide BTNAbility_Gouge/Nevermore Guide BTNINV_Helmet_13
    Step 8
    Buy Butterfly. This item is the shit by now. It not only gives you
    tremendous DPS, it also helps a lot against heroes like Mirana and
    Terrorblade by now. Again you won’t have enough item slots, sell a
    Bracer/Band or Bottle now.
    Nevermore Guide BTNINV_ThrowingKnife_04
    Step 9
    Filling the last slots. If you went Skadi, you should buy a Mjollnir
    or a Satanic. If you went Helm of the Dominator, you should finish
    Satanic. With Stygian, you should go for Buriza by now. Again you won’t
    have enough item slots, sell a Bracer/Band or Bottle now.
    Nevermore Guide BTNThunderMallet/Nevermore Guide BTNHornOfDoom/Nevermore Guide BTNINV_Weapon_Crossbow_10
    Step 10
    If you went Boots of Travel, you will have one slot (semi) free.
    With Skadi and Helm of the Dominator, get Buriza. With Stygian, get
    Heart of Terrasque.
    If you went Power Treads, sell it and get Boots of Travel.
    Nevermore Guide BTNINV_Weapon_Crossbow_10/Nevermore Guide BTNHeartOfAszune
    Step 11
    If you went Power Treads and you sold it by now, repeat step 10.
    First off you should buy 2 Circlets of Nobility and 2 Set’s of Tangs.
    You don’t need very much early regeneration because you are going for
    Bottle anyway.
    In 90% of all cases you should go solo mid. Solo mid is the most ideal
    lane for the Nevermore. He can farm there undisturbed and he can fight
    uphill to get the maximum out of his Razes and last hits.
    The Shadowfiend has the potential of a great solo hero. Yet against
    some heroes, he is gonna lose horribly if not played extremely
    cautious. Your worst solo enemies are these, especially the first one;
    Viper the Netherdrake
    Nevermore Guide BTNNetherDragon
    Boush the Tinker
    Nevermore Guide BTNHeroTinker
    Dual lanes, such as the Slayer and the Skeleton King
    Nevermore Guide BTNSorceress and Nevermore Guide BTNSkeletonArcher
    Your best bet against these heroes is using Shadowraze © to it’s
    maximum. You can hit creeps at 900 range then (Raze has a 225 AoE if i
    remember correctly). A Viper cannot hit you from there. Remember when
    facing heroes as Viper, always wear a TP-Scroll, so you can always
    teleport back to base when you are getting Orb-owned.
    The most important factors for carries are staying alive and FARM. Farm is possibly the most important thing in whole DotA,
    no hero can go without farm, and especially not carries. Normally i
    don’t point out “checkpoints” too much, but for a hero like Nevermore,
    the best farmer in the game, you really should have reached the 200 cs
    by the 50 minutes mark, preferably even a little sooner.
    The things that “make” Nevermore is his ability to farm and his
    early lane control. He is one of the very few agility heroes that have
    such lane control. Yet don’t go too aggressive in your lane. Even with
    a hero with so potential, you should play “careful”. This all because
    you cannot afford to die. A 0-0 Nevermore with 100 cs does better in
    general than a 5-3 Nevermore with 70 cs.
    Anyways, coming back to the things that make Nevermore, he isn’t
    naturally the most powerful carry, not by far. Any Terrorblade rapes
    Nevermore by the 60 min mark if they are almost equally farmed. But
    Nevermore can farm more than any other hero in the game because he has
    the potential of destroying creep waves in less than 3 seconds, over
    and over again. Of all carry heroes, Nevermore is probably the weakest,
    yet with his potential to farm, Nevermore suddenly gets a lot stronger.
    That is why Nevermore should always have the most creep score in the
    game. This is of course not always possible, but you should at least
    try to. For a comparison, if you have the same cs as a LightOfHeaven in
    any game, you are doing fine.
    If you have chosen to get Boots of Travel, you must have a different
    play style then when you would have gone for Treads. With Boots of
    Travel you should always look for the spot in the map where there are a
    lot of creeps. Use your Razes to destroy the wave and take another
    wave. Then go back and get some neutrals and wait for your TP to
    cooldown again. Remember, don’t go in the dangerous spots unless you
    surely know that you cannot be ganked or that you can escape the gank.
    Always watch your mini map, not only to look for nice farm spots, but
    you should always know for 50% where the enemies are.
    In team battles, it depends a lot on your items how to play. For
    example, you wait for the best time to use your Black King Bar. When
    magic immunity is activated, walk further in and make sure to kill at
    least one enemy support hero (Lina/Lesh/Lich/low HP heroes). Make sure
    you don’t die directly after the 9 second during magic immunity.
    However, if you have Lothar’s, you must make sure they cannot spot you
    when you go invisible. So you depend more on your (supporting) allies
    that they can save your ass with Sentries for example.
    When having Skadi, you can go LITTLE more aggressive in team battles, you have more EHP now.
    Anyways, in general, make sure not to die in team battles, if you
    survive during it, you are doing fine. Preferably go stand behind
    trees, make sure you are attacking enemy heroes and get as much razes
    off as possible. Now your tanking ally should go in (Skelly/Sven for
    example). If you can THEN activate BkB and get Requiem of Souls off.
    When having Lothar’s you must initiate, however, you have to make sure
    your allies will go in after you so that you can back off a little.
    You can in general playing carries like this: Always wear a
    TP-Scroll and farm and farm. Then you see your team is having a fight,
    and TP to your team. Rarely YOU should be the one looking for a gank.
    It’s ok to assist in ganks (although also not too much), but you’d
    better farm and only be there during important battles.
    Early game, you should try to reach the maximum amount of souls as
    soon as possible, you can do this with last hit or with Shadowraze. Try
    to mix both methods to reach the best result. For me, early game is
    almost over when you have level 4 Shadowraze.
    Mid game you SHOULD, so it goes as fast as possible, use 2 Razes to
    destroy a whole creep wave, i always do it like this: Attack a creep at
    maximum range with your normal attack. Then press C and then press X.
    If you want to save some mana, attack all melee creeps twice and the
    ranged creep(s) once, then use Shadowraze (X). If you want to save a
    lot of mana, just auto attack-last hit/last hit them. This isn’t very
    preferable since you are wasting your potential to farm then.
    Late game comes when 2 Razes aren’t enough to destroy a whole wave. If
    you aren’t pushing (so intentionally farming) you must attack all
    creeps once, and then use press X and C. You also can attack all melee
    creeps twice and the ranged creeps once and then use Shadowraze (X),
    you will have enough damage for that by now. “Why shouldn’t i just use
    X and C first and then attack the remaining creeps?” I have done this
    for a long time, but after experience i noticed that you ALWAYS miss at
    least 2 creeps. With the same easiness (first attacking, then Razing)
    you will get all creeps, whole game long. For the same reason you
    shouldn’t use your 3 Razes.

    Hope This Will Help You Guys :)
    Love Lots Sandii
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    default Re: Nevermore Guide

    Post by jeian on Sat Aug 28, 2010 4:06 pm

    thanks it helps this SF guide will go for beyond Godlike!
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    default Re: Nevermore Guide

    Post by s1lv3rr on Sat Aug 28, 2010 7:39 pm

    Oh i don't need the guide..i'm n1 sf ) btw thx for sharing
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    default Re: Nevermore Guide

    Post by thanasis on Thu Sep 02, 2010 10:48 pm

    Nice guide
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    default Re: Nevermore Guide

    Post by zinkkyz on Mon Sep 06, 2010 12:08 pm

    Deso,Buriza = GG IMBA DMG
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    default Re: Nevermore Guide

    Post by xxjack13xx on Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:51 pm

    thx for sharing~~its good news for me~
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    default Re: Nevermore Guide

    Post by hvaonline on Tue Dec 07, 2010 4:01 pm

    Nice guide

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    default Re: Nevermore Guide

    Post by Inactive on Wed Dec 08, 2010 9:32 pm

    Thanks for sharing

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    Post by DeaDly- on Sat Dec 11, 2010 3:29 pm

    Thanks for sharing.

    Nevermore Guide 29bfwo

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    default Re: Nevermore Guide

    Post by Esp.Garena on Sat Dec 11, 2010 8:40 pm

    I don't like it well .
    Actually for last hitting 3xIronWood Branch , 1xCircelt , and 1 tango +1 Healing Slave , It is the best balanced started items for last hitting.

    Nevermore Guide Cooltext479801557
    Nevermore Guide Nevermoe

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    default Re: Nevermore Guide

    Post by jigsu on Fri Mar 11, 2011 2:59 pm


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