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    DotA v6.67b AI +Fun v2.0


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    default DotA v6.67b AI +Fun v2.0

    Post by Inactive on Sat Nov 13, 2010 12:19 pm

    [*] Remade the fun tavern layout.
    [*] Added two more game modes, -funheroes and -funitems.
    [*] Removed the commands to select heroes, they're not needed anymore.
    [*] Added a proper engineering upgrade for Bastion with Scepter.
    [*] Tweaked Bastion's Scepter upgrade. It no longer affects his other skills (caps are 16/24/32/40 with or without Scepter ), instead it lowers the cooldown of Tranference to 90/60/30, increases its casting range from 700 to 1000 and improves the percentage ratio to 75/75.
    [*] Nerfed Cloud's Braver and Blade Beam slightly. (Braver does 65/130/195/260 damage, Blade Beam does 75(65) / 150(130 / 225(195) / 300(260) and the cooldown is 7 seconds).
    [*] Added Puff.
    [*] Added Conjurer.
    [*] Added Fluids Engineer.
    [*] Added Intimidator.
    [*] Added Rider.
    [*] Added Gambler.
    [*] Added Old N'aix.
    [*] Added Old Medusa.
    [*] Changed Bastion's Scepter visuals.
    [*] Added Scepter visuals to Old Medusa.
    [*] Fixed fun tavern heroes' scepters sell cost.
    [*] Tweaks to attack types of Ante Up/Chip Stack/Lucky Stars/Backstab.
    [*] When Ricky gains 1 agility from Precision, it's displayed overhead.



    Credit : Overflow

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