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    Dota 6.69c OMG (BYS v5)


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    default Dota 6.69c OMG (BYS v5)

    Post by Inactive on Sun Jan 09, 2011 9:00 am

    ]This is now the new dota omg. There are some differences with this map and the omg map but most of the stuff are quite the same.


    Official site

    This map was not made by me,I just found it and wanted to share it here.

    Abilities Draft:
    To play with custom abilities draft, enter "-AP" mode when the map loads.

    To pick your desired abilities:
    - Select Hero from any Tavern and click the Bonus icon above any spell to select it.

    Random Draft:
    To get random abilities, Enter "-AR" mode.
    - You will get any hero with random skillset. "-repick" command can be used once, if you dont like the skillset.

    Here are some things you must know:

    • You don't need to type extra game modes in this map,simply typing -ap already adds the picking of skills game mode
    • You first pick skills here before picking your hero
    • Typing -ar as your game mode automatically randoms your hero and skills
    • In order to choose skills,you must click on the hero with the skill you want,then click on the plus sign above it

    *Feel free to ask reggie questions about this map =)

    Credits : reggie

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